Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Easy Unlock with iUnlock...

There have been a number of solutions that have come out since I started this blog, but iUnlock appears to be the best and cheapest (FREE). Developed by the iPhone Dev Team, it's not (yet) for the faint of heart and it takes a little longer to do its magic than iPhoneSIMfree's method, but it works. Download the ZIP archive HERE. (This version may not work with iPhone 1.1.2 update.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Our friends at #iPhone made a major breakthrough this morning.
we got a serial console working, here is how
the serial has the same pinouts as iPod serial
use a 6.8kish resistor from pin 21 to gndtie pin 11-sergnd to the real ground
use iphoneinterface to send the following commands in recovery mode:
setenv debug-uarts 1
that should work


The command list is:http://iphone.fiveforty.net/geohot/cmdlist.txt

You need a level convertor, like the max 232 to make this work
DIGG: http://digg.com/apple/iPhone_serial_mode_popped_open_full_shell_access

Monday, July 9, 2007

Activation via DVD John's PAS (Phone Activation Server)

This method works by spoofing Apple's activation server. It is unclear at this point if this method works in both the Windows XP and Windows Vista versions of iTunes, and no information in available on porting this method to OS X. Details here.

Instructions step by step:
1). Download UltraEdit-32, install it.
2). Download PhoneActivationServerV1.0, extract it to desktop or anywhere you want.
3). You might wanna backup the original iTunes.exe(located under C:\Program Files\iTunes) first.
4). Run UltraEdit-32, open file iTunes.exe, use Ctrl+G to go to address 2048912, then enter 33C0C3. Do the same for the rest two offsets: Go to address 257074 then enter 28 and go to 257013 then enter 33C9B1. Save the file and close UltraEdit-32.
5). Open Windows explorer and go to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc. Open the "hosts" file in ULTRAEDIT and add the line albert.apple.comto it. This will redirect any DNS query of "albert.apple.com" to your local host. Save & exit.
6). All you need to do is to run Phone Activation Server V1.0 first, leave it running and then run iTunes. Now when you plug in your iphone it will activate automatically in about 60 seconds.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Directory Listing and Files

The iPhone directory listing and readable files can be referenced at:


iPhone Root Password Cracked

The password for root is "alpine"

The "mobile" user accounts password is "dottie"

Saturday, June 30, 2007

How to Unlock you Apple iPhone

Everyone is wondering if the iPhone can be unlocked. We'll be posting our continued research on how to unlock the Apple iPhone right here!

What we know so far:
1) There is a SIM card included with the iPhone that has custom code

2) There is a OSX startup check that checks for this custom code on the sim card (will give Incorrect SIM message at iPhone startup if it cannot find this code)

3) ATT specific features will not work on other GSM networks (ie: Visual Voicemail)

iPhone Take-Apart

For those of you who are interested on how to take your iPhone apart, mosey on over to iFixit: